Bling Platinum Banana Disposable Vape Flavor

Bling Platinum Banana Disposable Vape Flavor

Explore Bling Platinum Banana captivating collection of flavors, from fruity fusions to refreshing coolness. Each flavor is meticulously crafted to deliver a unique and satisfying vaping experience.

Purple Rain combines strawberries, pineapple and blueberry with a blast of fresh menthol. This sativa strain provides uplifting effects and a soothing body buzz that can relieve stress, pain and insomnia.

Pink Lemonade

A tall glass of pink lemonade brightens any summer day and provides a refreshing and calming experience. It’s a favorite at state fairs and poolside parties. There are many stories about how this eye-catching drink came to be, but one of the most popular claims that a circus vendor accidentally colored his lemonade by pouring water from the bucket that held a circus performer’s red tights.

The Bling Platinum disposable vape delivers a fruity and refreshing experience with 18 authentic and true-to-taste flavors made from high-quality food grade ingredients. It also features a perfect coil and airflow that produces thick flavors and epic clouds. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and is ideal for beginners or on-the-go vaping.

Purple Rain from Bling Platinum combines sweet strawberries and banana with a blast of fresh menthol. This sativa-dominant strain is great for combating stress, pain, and insomnia. Its THC content ranges between 16-23% and has a soothing body buzz that can calm the mind.

Strawberry Watermelon Coconut

This refreshing fusion of strawberries, ripe watermelon and coconut is an absolute treat. It is one of the 18 amazing flavors offered by Bling Platinum disposable vaporizer pods. It is a USB-C rechargeable and easy to use device that offers excellent flavor and vapor.

It has a hefty 11ml pre-filled e-liquid capacity and a high-quality 900mAh Type C rechargeable battery. Its slick and sophisticated design is easy to hold in the hand. Its vapor output is also impressive with up to 8500 puffs.

Platinum Banana OG is a hybrid of Banana OG and Platinum Runtz, which produces spade-shaped emerald green nugs with milky white crystal trichomes. Its 16-23% THC content is known to provide uplifting effects that promote positivity and relaxation. This strain’s mellow high is ideal for treating stress, anxiety, muscle spasms or cramps and insomnia. Its mood-enhancing properties can help relieve stress, depression and chronic pain as well. It can also help reduce migraines and headaches.

Strawberry Pineapple Blueberry

Strawberry Pineapple Blueberry is a fruity fusion of sweet strawberries, pineapples and blueberries complemented by refreshing icy menthol. It is part of the Bling Eternity collection of disposable pods that offer 18 authentic and true-to-taste flavors at a reasonable price. They are USB-C rechargeable, have a wide range of nicotine strengths and automatically activate when you inhale without lag.

The flavorful medley of fruits is blended into the sleek, portable vaporizer device to produce dense clouds and a smooth throat hit. It is easy to use and comes with a transparent atomizer tank to check your e-liquid level and recharge the battery.

Purple Rain is a sativa-dominant strain with uplifting effects and soothing body relaxation. It can relieve stress, pain and insomnia. Its mellow high can improve mood, combat stress and depression and boost self-esteem. Its THC content is between 16-23% and its terpene profile includes notes of banana, peach and mango. The sweet flavor will please any palate.

Rainbow Candy

This fun flavor blends sweet strawberries, pineapple, and blueberry for a fruity experience that will blow your taste buds away. It’s paired with hyaluronic acid, an antioxidant that helps your skin retain moisture and 25mg of mind and body balancing CBD. This sativa dominant strain has uplifting effects that can help relieve stress, muscle spasms or cramps, insomnia, and headaches or migraines.

This line of disposable vaporizers is USB-C rechargeable and offers 18 authentic and true-to-taste flavors. The devices come pre-filled with 16ml of e-liquid for up to 8500 puffs and feature a perfect coil and airflow that produce big flavors and ultimate clouds. They are also easy to use with a draw-activated design, flashy wattage meter, and Japanese cotton wicks for optimal flavor absorption.

Lemonade is a classic lemonade flavor that’s a great choice for vapers who enjoy natural, wholesome tastes. This time-honored flavor is a popular choice for lemonade snacks, cookies, drink crystals, and hydration beverages.